This is a disease of the cornea. That's the clear tissue at the front of your eye. With keratoconus, the cornea thins and bulges out. It becomes cone-shaped. This harms your vision.


What causes the cornea to thin and bulge? Well, we don't fully understand why it happens. It may be linked to your genetics. It may be linked to some other factor. Your risk is higher if you have a family member with this condition. Your risk is higher if you have allergies that cause you to rub your eyes excessively. And, your risk is higher if you have certain medical conditions.


The first symptoms of keratoconus may include blurry or distorted vision. You may be sensitive to bright lights and glare. Your eyes may be red and swollen. Over time, your vision gets worse. You may notice that your eyeglass prescription changes often. And, contact lenses may not fit comfortably.


Treatment depends on the stage of your condition and how it's progressing. In the early stage, you may only need eyeglasses or contact lenses. If your condition is more advanced, you may need surgery. Your doctor will create a care plan that's right for you.