Keratosis Pilaris


This is a common skin condition. It causes patches of small, rough bumps on your skin. The bumps are harmless. They don't itch or cause pain.


Keratosis pilaris is caused by a buildup of keratin. That's a protein in your skin that helps bind your skin cells together and protect them. But if you have this condition, your skin makes too much keratin. We don't know why this happens. The excess keratin builds up in plugs that block your hair follicles. This causes bumps on your skin.


Patches of keratosis pilaris bumps are most often found on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks. The affected skin may be rough and dry. It may feel like sandpaper. Your skin may get worse when the air is dry.


In most cases, this condition clears up on its own as you get older. You may benefit from creams that help remove dead skin cells and keep your follicles clear. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.