Living With Lupus


If you're diagnosed with lupus, you may face some unexpected challenges. But lupus doesn't have to take over your life. These tips will help you manage it.

Take an active role in your own care

First, take an active role in your own care. Find a doctor you like, and get regular checkups. Work with your health care team to closely monitor your health. Learn everything you can about your condition, and ask questions when you don't understand something. And, take your medications as directed.

Stay active

When you have lupus, it's important to stay active. So make time for regular exercise. Don't overdo it. Resting is important, too. Talk to your doctor about the types of physical activity that are recommended for you.

Avoid too much sunlight

Avoid getting too much sunlight, because it can cause your lupus to flare up. So when you go outside, cover yourself in protective clothing, and don't forget your sunscreen.

Reach out

It's important to maintain connections with your loved ones and friends. So reach out. Talk to others. Try to involve them in your treatment plan. These relationships will help provide a support system for you. A support group may be helpful, too.


If you take an active role in your care and follow your doctor's advice, you can learn to manage lupus and take back your life.