Male Infertility


For many couples, male infertility interrupts plans to have children. What causes male infertility? Well, there are many reasons.

Problems with the sperm

It could be a problem with your sperm. Your body may simply produce too few. Your sperm may not be healthy. They may move in abnormal ways that keep them from reaching the egg. Or, you may have a blockage that interferes with ejaculation.


You may have a problem with performance. You may have trouble getting or keeping an erection. Or, you may have reduced sexual desire. These can make it difficult for you to father a child.

Other issues

You could also have a genetic disorder, a hormonal imbalance or some other medical issue. If so, you may have symptoms like abnormal breast growth, abnormal hair growth or unexplained pain. Explain your symptoms to your doctor. They are important clues to what's wrong.


In many cases, male infertility can be treated successfully. So see your doctor if regular, unprotected sex with your partner for at least a year hasn't resulted in pregnancy. See your doctor if you have problems that interfere with intercourse. And see your doctor if you have any symptoms that may be linked to infertility. Your doctor can help you deal with this issue and talk about options for your future.