Mole Danger Signs


Although most skin moles are harmless, sometimes they turn into cancer. Skin cancer can be deadly, but many types of skin cancer can be treated successfully if caught early. So if you have a mole, it's important to watch it closely for warning signs of cancer. You can remember the warning signs by remembering "ABCDE."

A: Asymmetry

"A" stands for "asymmetry." Most normal moles have a regular shape. If one half of a mole is not like the other half, the mole is suspicious.

B: Border

"B" stands for "border." Normal moles have smooth, even borders. Moles that have irregular, poorly defined, notched, or scalloped borders are suspicious.

C: Color

"C" stands for "color." Normal moles are usually a single color. Most are brown or black. Moles that have different shades of color, multiple colors, or colors such as white, blue or red are suspicious.

D: Diameter

"D" stands for "diameter." Any mole that has a diameter larger than a pencil eraser is suspicious.

E: Evolving

"E" stands for "evolving." Normal moles generally do not change appearance. Any mole that is growing larger, changing shape or changing color is suspicious.


If you have a suspicious mole, have it looked at as soon as possible. Don't wait, because cells from a cancerous mole can spread to other parts of your body. Your healthcare provider can evaluate your mole and create a plan that's right for you.