Morning Sickness


During pregnancy, especially during the first three or four months, you may often feel nausea. You may have vomiting. It's called "morning sickness." But it can happen at any time during the day or night.


We aren't sure of the exact cause of morning sickness. It may be linked to changes in your hormones when you're pregnant. It may be linked to low blood sugar, which is common during pregnancy.


You may find that some things trigger your morning sickness, or make it worse. Certain foods or smells may trigger it. It may happen when you are stressed or tired, or when you travel. These triggers can be different from person to person.


Usually, morning sickness is not serious and you can treat it yourself at home. Avoid triggers. Eat small snacks throughout the day, and eat foods that have a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates. Avoid large meals, and avoid foods that have a lot of fat and salt. Drink plenty of fluids. Foods and drinks that contain ginger may help. For some women, morning sickness is serious and does not get better with home care. If you can't keep down food or liquid, if you vomit blood or if you are losing weight, call your doctor.