Muscle Strain (Pulled Muscle)


This common injury is an overstretching of a muscle. It causes muscle fibers to tear. A muscle strain can happen to any muscle in the body, and it can range from mild to severe. A very bad strain can cause a complete muscle tear.


What causes a muscle strain? It happens when you overuse a muscle. It can happen when you make a very sudden, explosive movement. Muscle strains are a common issue for athletes, especially those who push themselves too hard. But you can also strain a muscle if you aren't normally an active person and you exert yourself. You're more at risk for a muscle strain when your muscles are tired. Strains also happen more easily as you age, because you tend to lose strength and flexibility as you get older.


What are the symptoms? A strain can be painful. You may have swelling and bruising. Your muscle may feel weak, and you may have trouble moving it like you normally do. You may also feel spasms in the muscle.


How do we treat it? Rest, ice and elevating the injured body part can help. Medication can help with pain. If you have a severe tear, you may need surgery to repair your muscle. Your doctor will create a plan that's right for you.