Narcan Nasal Spray (Naloxone)


This drug is a nasal spray used for the fast treatment of opioid overdose. It reverses the effects of opioids for a short time. It can be given to people who are passed out and having breathing problems because of an overdose of opioids. It can wake them up and get them breathing again.

Who Uses Narcan?

Narcan is for people who are at risk for opioid overdose. These are people with an opioid prescription (especially at a high dose), or people who use opioids without a prescription. If you are at risk for an overdose, or if you care for someone who is, a doctor may tell you to keep Narcan with you at all times.

How it works

Using Narcan is easy. You insert it into a nostril and press the plunger. The Narcan travels up the nose and to the brain. It attaches to places called "opioid receptors." That's where opioid molecules attach and interact with the brain. Narcan binds to the opioid receptors and stops the opioid molecules from affecting the brain.


Even if a person wakes up after getting Narcan, they still need to go to the emergency room. It's very important to call 911 for help immediately.