Narcissistic Personality Disorder


This is mental disorder. With it, you view yourself as more important or accomplished than you really are. You don't have empathy for others, and you expect others to admire you and to give you special treatment. And, you have a hard time handling criticism. This can make it hard for you to have healthy relationships.


We don't understand the exact cause of this disorder. It may be linked to certain genes or to the way your brain works. It may be linked to the relationships you had and the things you experienced as a young child.


If you have this disorder, you see yourself as superior to other people. You look down on others and take advantage of them. You may brag. You may exaggerate your talents and the things you have done. People may describe you as conceited and uncaring. They may say you take over conversations. People who have this disorder often fantasize about being powerful, wealthy and attractive. But narcissistic people are often secretly very insecure. Criticism of any kind can be humiliating to them. It can make them angry. It can cause them to lash out at others.


Narcissistic personality disorder is treated with talk therapy. Over time, you can learn to process and manage your feelings. You can learn to appreciate how your actions affect others. This can help you have better relationships with others. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.