Oxygen Therapy


This treatment gives you extra oxygen to breathe. We use it for lung conditions. It helps with COPD, pneumonia and asthma. We also use it for other conditions that affect oxygenation of your blood, like heart failure. It's not a cure for these problems. But it helps you feel less breathless. It may help you stay more active. You need a prescription for this therapy.

Different types of oxygen therapy

How does it work? Your extra oxygen can come from an oxygen tank. Or, it can come from a machine called an "oxygen concentrator." Either of these can be large, or portable. The oxygen flows through a tube and into your nose. It could also be delivered through a face mask, or even a tent that encloses you.

Short term or long term

You may need oxygen therapy for a short time in a hospital or medical setting. Or, you may need this therapy long-term. If so, your doctor will show you how to use your equipment safely at home.


For more info about oxygen therapy, talk to your doctor.