Pansexual Sexual Orientation


A pansexual is a person who can be attracted to anyone. The person may have physical, emotional or romantic feelings. They can like people of any sex or gender identity. They can like people of any sexual orientation. This doesn't mean they like every other person. But it means they possibly could like anyone.

Sexual orientation

Why do they feel this way? Well, the type of people you are attracted to is called your "sexual orientation." Pansexuals don't exclude anyone. We don't fully understand the factors that shape these feelings. They're part of who we are.


Pansexuals are a diverse group. They have likes and turnoffs. They may prefer some types of people over others. These feelings can change over time. They are personal and complex. Each person must decide what's right for them.


For more info, reach out to a local LGBTQ organization. For help with issues involving sexual orientation, talk to your healthcare provider. You can also contact a support group.