Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD)


This is a form of long-term depression. We also call it "chronic depression." It can make you feel sad or irritable on most days, and this mood can last for years. With this form of depression, your feelings are milder than they are in someone who has major depression.


We don't know what causes this disorder. It's more common in women. It tends to run in families. And if you have PDD, you have a higher risk for developing major depression.


If you have this disorder, you may feel sad and hopeless. You may be irritable. You may have low self esteem, and low energy. It may be hard for you to concentrate. You may sleep and eat too much or too little.


Your depression can be treated with medications. It can also be treated with talk therapy, which helps you learn to manage your thoughts and feelings. You may also benefit from a healthier lifestyle. It's important to eat a good diet and get exercise daily. Get the proper amount of sleep every night. And nurture healthy relationships with friends and family. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.