Port-wine Stain


This is a mark on the skin that is present at birth. Often, it's on the face. But it can form anywhere on your body. These birthmarks can be any size, from small to very large. A port-wine stain isn't usually harmful, but for some people it can be embarrassing or disfiguring.


This type of birthmark is linked to a genetic mutation. It causes tiny blood vessels to grow abnormally in an area of skin. They become swollen with blood, which you can see through the skin.


At birth, a port-wine stain usually looks like a flat, pink patch of skin. It can look just like a splash of red wine. Over time, the color can darken to a deep red. The skin may thicken, and the texture may roughen. It may feel like there are pebbles beneath the skin. A port-wine stain typically grows with a child.


Port-wine stains on the eyelid or on the forehead need to be watched by a doctor. On the eyelid, a port-wine stain can put pressure on the eye. This can lead to glaucoma. On the forehead, it may be a sign of a rare neurological disorder.


Port-wine stains are treated with a variety of options depending on your needs. You may benefit from laser therapy, which destroys the blood vessels beneath the skin. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.