This is a complication you can have during pregnancy. It causes high blood pressure and other issues. It can happen early or late in your pregnancy. In rare cases, it can develop after you give birth.


Preeclampsia is linked to a problem with the blood vessels in the placenta. That's the organ that nourishes your baby in the womb. In women who have preeclampsia, these blood vessels don't grow or work the way they should. They are smaller than the vessels in a healthy placenta. This limits how much blood flows through them. Why do these blood vessels form abnormally? It may be linked to several factors, including things like your genetics or an immune system problem.


In the early stage, preeclampsia may not cause any noticeable symptoms. But as it progresses, you may have high blood pressure, headaches and changes in vision. You may have pain under your ribs. You may have shortness of breath. Ask your doctor for a full list of symptoms.


We can treat preeclampsia with medications and rest. You may need to be hospitalized. And, if you are diagnosed near the end of your pregnancy, your doctor may recommend delivering your baby early. Your doctor will create a care plan that's right for you.