This disorder is a misalignment of the eyes. They don't line up to look at the same thing at the same time. They don't give a focused view. When one eye doesn't align properly, it's commonly called a "lazy eye." Strabismus is often noticed shortly after birth. But it can develop later in children and in adults.


What causes strabismus? Well, it can be linked to a problem with the muscles that control the eyes' movement. Strabismus can also be caused by cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and various syndromes. And sometimes, we don't know the cause.


Symptoms include crossed eyes, eyes that don't move together and double vision. Strabismus confuses the brain, because the eyes see two different images. So with time, the brain ignores the vision from one eye. This causes vision loss.


Treatment should begin as soon as possible. It often begins with glasses and an eye patch. Eye exercises may help. Surgery may help, too. Your healthcare provider will create a plan that's right for you.