As you handle the demands of your work and daily life, it's normal to feel stress. Stress can help you focus. It can help you reach your goals. But constant stress is bad for your health.


Stress can have many causes. You may be stressed because of money or relationship problems. You may feel stress because of physical issues like pain or a poor diet. Stress can also be linked to smoking, drinking or caffeine.


Your body responds to stress by releasing hormones. They can affect you emotionally, causing anger or sadness. Stress hormones can also affect you physically. You may have headaches or high blood pressure. Your muscles can tighten. This may pull your spinal column out of alignment. Chiropractors call this "subluxation." This can irritate your spinal nerves, causing pain and other problems.


It's important to manage your stress so you don't develop serious health problems like heart disease, obesity and depression. A chiropractor can help find the cause of your stress. Spinal adjustments, muscle work or other methods may help get rid of it. A continuing care plan may help.