Stress and Relaxation Tips for Managing COPD

You have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (we say "COPD"). It can make you feel stressed and anxious about the future. This can lead to depression. So let's look at some ways to relax and lower your stress.

Cut sources of stress

First, think about the things that make you feel stressed and anxious. Do you take on too much responsibility? Do certain people stress you out? Is your job too demanding? It's time to make some changes for your health. Set boundaries. Say "no" when you need to. Try to get rid of sources of stress in your life.

Healthy lifestyle

Next, focus on healthy living. Get up and get dressed every morning. Get some exercise every day. Eat a nutritious diet. Get enough sleep at night. Taking care of yourself helps you feel good.

Make time to relax

Now, make time for relaxation. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises are helpful for many people. You might enjoy meditation, or an activity called "guided visualization." Try to let go of negative thoughts. Focus on the positives.

Stay connected

It's not healthy to isolate yourself. It's better to stay connected with other people. So stay involved socially. Talk to loved ones and friends regularly. You may want to find a support group or talk to a religious advisor. Share your feeling with others instead of keeping things bottled up inside.


And finally, if you have feelings of sadness that don't go away, you may be experiencing depression. It's important to speak out. Tell someone you trust. Talk to your doctor so you can get the care you need.