Tobacco and Oral Health


When you use tobacco, you put your health – and your mouth's health – at risk. Tobacco products damage your teeth, gums and the tissues of your mouth and throat. Let's learn about the dangers of tobacco.


We're all familiar with the link between smoking and lung cancer. But smoking causes other cancers, too. Tobacco smoke contains compounds that harm the soft tissues of your mouth and throat. These compounds also affect your salivary glands.

Smokeless tobacco

Chewing tobacco and other smokeless products aren't safe, either. They contain the same harmful compounds you get from smoking. They also contain sugar, which is bad for your teeth.


Tobacco products raise your risk for gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. They raise your risk for oral and throat cancers. And tobacco use also makes it hard for your mouth to heal after dental procedures and oral surgeries.


The best way to protect your mouth from these dangers is to never start using tobacco. But if you do use it, take steps to quit. If you're having trouble breaking the habit, talk to your healthcare provider for tips on how to quit. Your mouth will thank you.