Turner Syndrome

This genetic disorder affects only females. In some, it causes distinct physical features. And it affects how a girl grows and develops. It can also affect parts of the body like the heart.


What causes this syndrome? It's a problem with one of the X chromosomes. Females have two X chromosomes, one from each parent. These tiny structures contain the body's genetic code. With this syndrome, one of the X chromosomes (or a part of one of these chromosomes) is missing or altered. This happens randomly before birth.


There are many symptoms of Turner syndrome. At birth, you may see a wide neck, low-set ears, a small lower jaw, small fingers and toes and other issues. Turner syndrome can also cause problems with the heart and kidneys. And as a child gets older, she may grow slowly and be shorter than average. She may have problems with sexual development and infertility. Ask your doctor for a full list of symptoms.


There is no cure for Turner syndrome. But hormone therapy helps with growth and development. We also treat any other health problem or complication as needed. For more info, talk to your doctor.