What is a Drug Interaction?


When you take medicine, you should do it safely. One thing to watch for is something we call a drug "interaction." That's when things like the food you eat or other drugs you take change the way your medicine works. It could make the drug less effective. It could cause a dangerous side effect.

Drugs that interact with each other

There are a few types of drug interactions. First, some drugs don't work well with each other. This happens with some prescription drugs. It can also happen with over-the-counter drugs. So before you take two different drugs, be sure they can be taken together.

Drugs that interact with foods, drinks and supplements

Next, some drugs don't mix well with certain foods or drinks. Some don't mix well with supplements. Alcohol is known for causing interactions. So always check for warnings before you take any drug.

Drugs that interact with medical conditions

And finally, some drugs interact with certain medical conditions. For example, if you have high blood pressure, you may need to avoid nasal decongestants. Talk to your doctor to find out if some drugs are harmful for you.