Why is My Baby Crying?


A crying baby is one of the most challenging parts of parenthood. Your baby may cry often, and at all hours. Let's take a look at why babies cry, and how to soothe them.

Basic needs

In many cases, babies cry to let you know they need something. Is your baby hungry? Does your baby have a wet or dirty diaper? Is your baby too hot or cold? Is your baby sick or in pain? Check for these basic needs first.

Other needs

If the basic needs are met, think about what your baby may be feeling. Babies cry when they're tired and cranky. They cry when they're lonely, or when they want to be moved. Some cry because they want to feel the security of being swaddled. Look for ways to help your baby. If you're in a loud, stimulating area, try moving to a quieter place. Hold your baby to your chest, or gently rock your baby. Going for a car ride can put some babies to sleep. And, sucking is a comforting activity for babies. So try offering your baby a pacifier.


If your baby isn't sick and you can't find any way to soothe them, it's OK to let them cry. And if your baby has long, intense periods of crying that can't be explained, it could be something we call "colic." If you think your baby has colic, ask your doctor for ways to manage it.