Breast Pain


If you have pain in one or both breasts, you may wonder why. You may worry about cancer. But there can be many reasons why you're feeling pain. Let's take a few minutes to learn more.


Breast pain often happens when your hormone levels change. During puberty, these changes cause breast tenderness in girls and boys. Hormone changes during menstruation, menopause and pregnancy can cause breast pain in women. Some medications can cause breast pain. And, you can have breast pain linked to a viral infection we call "shingles."

Home care

For breast pain that isn't caused by a serious problem, home care may help. Take pain medications. Use heat or ice on painful breasts. And, wear a supportive bra.

Unusual pain

Not all breast pain is harmless. It can be a sign of an infection or other serious problem. So see your doctor if you have pain that you can't explain, or pain that doesn't go away. See your doctor if you find a lump in your breast, or if you have a bloody or clear discharge from your nipple. See your doctor if you have signs of an infection, such as redness, pus or fever. And see your doctor if you've given birth within the past week and your breasts are swollen or hard. Talk to your doctor for more information about breast pain.