Sensitive teeth


If you sometimes feel sharp pain in your teeth, you may have sensitive teeth. It's a problem for many people. You may have pain when you brush or floss. Your pain may be triggered by things like soda, hot drinks, citrus and acidic foods. Tooth sensitivity can keep you from having the foods and drinks you enjoy.


Tooth sensitivity is often caused by worn tooth enamel (that's the hard, protective outer layer of your teeth) or by exposed roots. A cracked tooth or a cavity can cause it. Sometimes, a new filling or a procedure such as bleaching can bring it on.


Symptoms include a sharp pain in your teeth at certain times. It may happen when you eat or drink something hot or cold, during brushing or flossing, or when you touch your tooth. The pain is temporary.


Treatment depends on the cause of your tooth sensitivity. You can use a special toothpaste to help make your teeth less sensitive. Your dentist can put a gel on your teeth to strengthen their enamel. If your sensitivity is caused by a cracked tooth or other problem, correcting it may eliminate the pain. Your dentist can create a care plan that's right for you.