Chronic Pharyngitis (Sore Throat)


This condition is a recurring and persistent infection or inflammation of the throat and tonsils. Chronic pharyngitis can cause pain, discomfort and alteration of the voice.


Chronic pharyngitis is most often caused by persistent viral or bacterial infection of the sinuses and tonsils. Some cases may be caused by inadequate dental hygiene. Other causes can include breathing heavily through the mouth instead of the nose, irritants and pollutants, overuse of the voice, or acid reflux.


The most common symptom of chronic pharyngitis is throat pain and discomfort, usually prominent in the morning. Other symptoms may include the sensation of an object stuck in the throat, dry mouth, coughing, and hoarseness.


Chronic pharyngitis typically subsides with treatment of the underlying cause. Treatment options include antibiotics, stopping smoking, reduction of alcohol intake, reflux management, voice rest, and gargling with warm salt water.