Thyroid Ultrasound


This imaging method lets us view your thyroid. That's a large gland in your neck. With ultrasound, we can see many issues with this gland. And if we need a tissue sample of your thyroid, we may use ultrasound to guide a needle to the area we want to sample.


A thyroid ultrasound is a simple and painless procedure. You lie down on a table with a support that stretches your neck slightly. We put a special gel on your skin. This gel helps make a clear image of your thyroid.


Now we examine your thyroid with a device called a "transducer." It's a wand that emits sound waves. We rub the transducer across the skin of your neck. The sound waves go through your skin and bounce off the tissues beneath it. A computer analyzes these sound waves and turns them into images. We see the images of your thyroid on a monitor.


If we see nodules or other abnormalities on your thyroid, we may want to do some testing to learn more about it. Your doctor will talk to you about your imaging results and create a care plan that's right for you.