Abdominal Pain


We've all felt pain in our stomach area at some time. Usually, it isn't cause for alarm. But abdominal pain can be a sign of a medical emergency.

Types of pain

"Abdominal pain" is a broad category that includes many types of pain. Your pain may be sharp or dull. It may be in one specific place. Or, you may feel it over a large area. It may be cramp-like. It may come in waves. What you feel depends on the problem you're having.

Why you hurt

Abdominal pain can be caused by something simple, like a pulled muscle or a food you ate. But severe pain, or pain you can't explain, may be a sign of a serious issue. Appendicitis and bowel obstruction are examples of problems that need immediate medical care.


If you have pain that doesn't feel normal, don't ignore it. See your doctor. Get emergency treatment if you need immediate help.