Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health


Many people who have a mental health disorder also have a substance use disorder. A person with depression may also abuse alcohol. A person who has schizophrenia may also be a drug user.

Common ties

We aren't sure why mental health and substance use disorders are linked. Some people who have mental health disorders may use substances to medicate themselves. This can lead to dependence. Substance use may even trigger the symptoms of a mental health disorder in some people. And, both of these problems may share some deep-rooted cause. They could both be tied to a genetic trait, or to some type of trauma experienced during childhood.

Get help

When a person who has a mental health disorder also has a substance use disorder, it can be much harder to treat both problems. So, if you have a mental health disorder, be aware of your substance use. If you have a dependency, take it seriously. Seek help. Your healthcare provider can create a plan for that's right for you.