Conversion Disorder


This is a condition that involves your mind and your body. With it, you have physical symptoms that a doctor can't explain with a medical exam. You may have blindness, paralysis or some other problem that has no obvious physical cause. But these symptoms are real, and you can't control them.


We don't fully understand how conversion disorder develops. We think it's linked to a conflict deep within your mind. Your mind is in distress. It is trying to overcome its conflict by physically affecting your body in some way. You have a higher risk for conversion disorder if you have an illness, or if you have a mental or personality disorder.


Conversion disorder can be triggered by a stressful event. Your symptoms can strike suddenly. You may lose your ability to see or to speak. You may have numbness in part of your body. You may not be able to move it. There seems to be no physical explanation for your symptoms. And you can't make these symptoms come and go at will.


Conversion disorder is treated with talk therapy and stress management. You may need physical or occupational therapy to help you recover from your symptoms. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.