This brain disorder causes eyelid twitching or blinking that you can't control. It may start as minor twitching, but it can get worse over time. It may interfere with driving and other daily activities.


What causes blepharospasm? We don't know the exact cause. It may result from an electrical problem deep in the brain regions that control movement. And for some, it may be linked to certain syndromes and diseases that involve the brain.


What are the symptoms? It often begins with mild eyelid twitches. The twitching happens only occasionally, and then it goes away for a period of time. But eventually, the twitching begins to happen more often. It gets more severe. You may begin to blink constantly, and there may be times when your eyes close and you can't open them. Because of all of this blinking, your eyes may be tired, dry and irritated.


How do we treat it? We can give you medications to stop the twitching. You may benefit from injections of botulinum toxin. And, you may benefit from surgery. Your doctor will create a plan that's right for you.