This is a learning disorder. It's linked to the parts of the brain that process language. With dyslexia, you may have trouble with reading and writing. You may have trouble understanding words you hear. Pronouncing words may be hard. This causes problems in school and work. It can make you feel bad about yourself.


We don't fully understand what causes dyslexia. It may be linked to your genes and your environment. It tends to run in families. You can have dyslexia even if you have high intelligence and good vision.


The signs of dyslexia begin in early childhood. They include late talking and problems learning and speaking new words. A child may have trouble remembering letters, numbers and colors. They may have trouble learning rhymes and songs. In schoolchildren, dyslexia causes difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, understanding and speaking. Teens and adults may have these problems along with new issues, like trouble with math and foreign languages. If you have dyslexia, you may have trouble getting good grades in school. You may avoid social situations. And, it may impact your career.


There is no cure for dyslexia. It can be treated with specialized educational techniques. Early intervention is best. Ask your doctor for more information.