Post-Concussion Syndrome


This is a set of symptoms that you may have after a concussion. That's when your head is hit so hard your brain is injured. You can have a concussion even if you don't lose consciousness.


With post-concussion syndrome, you may have symptoms such as headaches and problems with memory and thinking. You may feel dizzy, and you may have problems with your balance. You can have fatigue or insomnia. And you may experience emotional problems like depression, anxiety, irritability or feelings of apathy.

How long it lasts

In most cases these symptoms get better on their own within a few weeks. But they can last for weeks, months or even more than a year after a concussion. And you may not realize they are linked to your injury.


There isn't one treatment for post-concussion syndrome. The symptoms can be treated with medication and with various types of therapy. Your healthcare provider will create a care plan that's right for you.