Calcaneus Fracture (Heel Bone Fracture)

This is a break of the heel bone. The calcaneus forms the back of the foot and supports you when you walk. A calcaneus fracture is a serious injury that needs medical care.


How does this bone get broken? Calcaneus fractures are usually caused by a high-energy impact or a twisting injury. You can break your calcaneus in a road accident. It also can happen if you fall from high up.


What are the symptoms? A calcaneus fracture is very painful. You can't walk or put weight on your foot. You'll also have a lot of swelling, bruising and tenderness.


A calcaneus fracture must be cared for by a doctor. If it's not treated properly, you can have serious complications. Your foot will be immobilized, and you may need surgery. You will also need rehabilitation. Your doctor will create a plan that's right for you.