Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain


This is a pain on the outer side of your ankle. It's a lasting pain that you may feel all the time. It can make it hard for you to walk and run, and it can increase the possibility of ankle sprains.


This type of pain is most often caused by an ankle sprain that doesn't heal properly. But it's also be caused by a wide range of other issues involving the bones, nerves and tissues of the feet and ankles. It can be caused by a broken foot or ankle. It can develop because of problems such as arthritis, bursitis or gout. It can happen because of stress fractures, plantar fasciitis or an Achilles tendon injury.


Symptoms include pain on the ankle's outer side. It may feel like a constant, dull ache. Your ankle may feel weak and stiff. You may have trouble walking in high heels or on uneven surfaces. Your ankle may swell, and it may feel tender.


Treatment options include rest, medications, injections and physical therapy. You may benefit from a brace or a cast. If these aren't helpful, you may need surgery. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.