Lisfranc Injury


This is an injury of the middle part of the foot, where the metatarsal bones of the forefoot connect to the cuneiform bones of the midfoot. It can involve torn ligaments, broken bones or a combination of both. And, it can involve more than one joint.


A Lisfranc injury can be caused by a simple slip or trip, especially if your foot twists as you stumble. It can also be caused by a hard hit, like from a road accident or a high fall.


You may mistake a Lisfranc injury for a simple sprain. But it's more severe than a sprain. Expect pain and swelling. And the top and bottom of your foot may bruise. The pain gets worse with activity.


In some cases, a Lisfranc injury can be treated with a cast or boot. But most often, this injury needs to be corrected with surgery and physical therapy. Your healthcare provider will create a plan that's right for you.