Plantar Wart


This is a type of wart that forms on the sole of the foot. It causes a patch of thickened skin. Plantar warts are common, and they aren't harmful. But they can be tender, and they can be embarrassing.


Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. We call it "HPV." You can come into contact with this virus if you walk barefoot in places that are warm and damp. It can enter the sole of your foot through a cut or a sore. It infects the outermost layer of your skin.


A plantar wart can be uncomfortable. It can cause pain when you stand or walk. Most plantar warts are no larger than a pencil eraser. Your wart may be flat like a callus. It may grow inward instead of outward. It may have tiny black dots in its center. You may have one wart, or you may have several. They can form in a cluster. In some cases a cluster of plantar warts grows very large and covers much of the sole of your foot.


In many cases, plantar warts don't need to be treated. Over time, they often clear up on their own. But a painful or unsightly wart can be removed. You can have it removed by your doctor, or you may be able to remove it with an over-the-counter remedy. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.