This injury involves two small bones under the foot near the big toe. They are called "sesamoid" bones. They aren't directly connected to other bones of the foot. Instead, the sesamoids are embedded in tendons. With sesamoiditis, these bones and the tendons around them become irritated and inflamed.


Sesamoiditis is an overuse injury. It's caused by repeated stress. It can be a problem for dancers and runners. It's also a problem for baseball catchers, because they put constant pressure on the sesamoids when they squat.


Sesamoiditis causes pain in the ball of your foot. It can develop gradually, or it can happen suddenly. You may have swelling, bruising, and trouble moving your big toe. Your pain may come and go.


Treatment options include rest, medications, cushioning pads and taping your big toe. You may benefit from a leg brace and from physical therapy. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.