Femur Fractures in Children


A femur fracture is a break of the thighbone. In children, this injury isn't as common as fractures of other bones. But it can happen. And when it does, it's a serious injury.


How does a child fracture a femur? Well, it takes a lot of force to break a healthy femur. That's because femurs are the largest and strongest bones in the human body. In infants and young children, femur fractures are most often caused by child abuse. As children get older, these fractures are often linked to road accidents. It can happen to a child who is a passenger in a car wreck. It can happen to a child who is hit by a car. And, it can be caused by a bike, skateboard or scooter crash.


A fractured femur is very painful. The thigh may look swollen or misshapen. The child may not be able to stand or walk. They may not not be able to move their leg or knee.


If you think your child has fractured a femur, take them to the emergency room. Some types of femur fractures can be treated with a cast. Others need surgery. Your healthcare provider will create a care plan that's right for you.