Snapping Hip


This is a snapping or a popping sensation in your hip. It may happen when you stand up, when you walk, or when you move your leg a certain way.


Snapping hip is commonly caused by abnormally tight muscles and tendons in the hip. Instead of gliding smoothly across the joint as you move your leg, an overly tight tendon can catch on protruding parts of your thigh or hip bones. This happens in several places in the hip, depending on which tendon is involved. Snapping hip is also caused by damage to the cartilage that lines your hip joint.


If you have this condition, you feel a snapping sensation with certain leg movements. You may hear a popping sound when it happens. A snapping hip can be bothersome. It isn't usually painful, but it can be for some people. And, it can sometimes lead to bursitis in the hip.


Snapping hip can be treated with rest and by avoiding activities that cause it to happen. You may benefit from injections and from physical therapy. If these aren't helpful, surgery may be needed. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.