Sports Hernia


This is a strain or a tear of soft tissue. It often involves the muscles and tendons that travel from your lower abdomen to your pubic bone. A sports hernia does not create a hole in your abdominal wall. This injury can be difficult to diagnose, because it does not cause a bulge in your skin.


You can develop this type of hernia by playing sports that require intense twisting motions and sudden changes in speed and direction. Tennis, ice hockey, football and soccer are common culprits. It can be a problem for track and field athletes, and for wrestlers.


When this injury happens, it usually causes severe pain. You may have tenderness when you press on the area. Your groin may ache. The pain gets better with rest, but it comes back when you engage in physical activity again.


Treatment options may include rest, medications, ice and physical therapy. If you have a severe injury, you may benefit from surgery to repair the damage.