Temper Tantrums

Young children aren't always good at controlling their emotions. Sometimes, strong emotions lead to a meltdown. We call this a "temper tantrum."

Why they happen

So, what causes these outbursts? They're triggered by frustration, especially when kids are hungry or tired. Tantrums happen when kids don't get what they want. They feel they have no power, and that makes them angry. Kids who have a hard time dealing with these feelings may react with a tantrum. And if they get what they want by having a tantrum, they may do it more often.

Avoiding tantrums

How can you avoid tantrums? Keep your child's frustration level to a minimum. Stick to a daily routine so they know what to expect. Plan ahead so you have things like snacks and toys when you need them. When you can, let your child make some choices. This gives them a sense of control. And don't forget to praise them when they show you good behavior.

Responding to tantrums

If your child does have a tantrum, stay calm. Try to distract them from whatever is causing their frustration. If they're doing something dangerous or hurting someone, hold them until they calm down and can listen to you. If they can't calm down, they may need a timeout. Pick a timeout spot and have them stay in it until they calm down. Then, end the timeout and explain why it was necessary. For more tips, talk to your child's doctor.