If you feel like you're spinning for no reason, you have vertigo. This dizziness can be a nuisance, but it's usually not a sign of anything serious. It can interrupt your day. And it can put you at risk for falling.


Vertigo is related to your inner ear, which helps you keep your balance. Vertigo can be caused by a buildup of tiny calcium particles that float around in the fluid in your inner ear. It may also be linked to problems with the pressure in your inner ear. Pressure changes can be caused by an infection or other issue.


Vertigo can make you feel like you are spinning, or that the room is spinning around you. You may have trouble balancing. You may have nausea and vomiting. In many cases, these symptoms begin when you change the position of your head. They can happen when you lie down or sit up, or when you look up or down.


Treatment depends on the cause of your vertigo. If yours is caused by calcium particles in your inner ear, a series of specific head movements can reposition these particles and keep them from bothering you. You may also benefit from other options. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that is right for you.