Asthma Triggers


Asthma is a lung disease that can make your breathing difficult. The symptoms of asthma can worsen when you are exposed to certain things in the environment. These are called asthma triggers, and they can vary from person to person.


Furry pets are a common and serious problem for many people. Allergens released by the skin and saliva of cats and dogs become airborne and spread throughout the home. These allergens cling to curtains, carpets and clothing. These microscopic particles are very easy to breathe in.

In the Home

Many other triggers can be found in the home. Dust mites and cockroaches also produce allergens that can trigger asthma. Mold spores are another trigger. And tobacco smoke, which is bad for everyone, is particularly bad for people who have asthma.


Common outdoor triggers include air pollution, smoke from burning wood or grass, and pollen. Weather can also trigger asthma. Cold, dry air, high humidity, and sudden changes in weather can cause asthma to worsen.

At Work

The workplace can also be a source of asthma triggers. Workers may be exposed to chemical fumes, dust from flour or grain, poultry feathers or sawdust. All of these can irritate the lungs.

Other Triggers

Other triggers may include strong fragrances, and illnesses such as colds or the flu. Physical exercise and strong emotions can trigger an asthma attack. By learning to recognize and avoid your specific triggers, you can lessen your chance of experiencing the symptoms of asthma.