Low Testosterone (Low-T)


Testosterone is a hormone made in men's testicles. It plays a role in sex drive. It also regulates things like hair growth and other typical male features. If your body isn't making as much testosterone as it should, we say you have "low testosterone." We also call it "low-T."


What cause low-T? Well, in some men, it's linked to aging. Your testosterone level naturally decreases as you get older. But it can have other causes, too. Some medications cause low-T. It can result from testicular injury or cancer. It's linked to some infections, or problems with your glands. And, it's linked to certain chronic diseases and disorders.


What are the symptoms? With low-T, you may find that you have little or no sex drive. You may have trouble getting an erection, and you may have a low sperm count. You may lose bone and muscle mass, and gain fat. You may have trouble with concentration, and with sleep. And, you may have depression.


If you have low-T, hormone replacement therapy may help. It boosts your testosterone level with artificial testosterone. Your doctor will create a care plan that's right for you.