About Chiropractic


Chiropractic health care focuses on how the structure of your body affects your overall health. Your spine plays a key role, because nerves branch out from there to the rest of your body.


Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer. He believed that aligning the spine properly could help get rid of pain and other problems. He used his hands to give gentle twists, bends and thrusts. He carefully manipulated his patients' bodies to align their spines. Chiropractors call this an "adjustment."

Types of Care

Chiropractors can give adjustments in many ways. They use their hands. They use special equipment or devices. They may also offer hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation and laser therapy. And they may suggest exercises and nutritional supplements. Your chiropractor's goal is to make sure your body is aligned correctly and working properly so you can be as active and healthy as possible.


Chiropractic care is safe and effective for many problems. It can help you if you have back or neck pain, headaches or sports injuries. A chiropractor may help you avoid surgery. Your chiropractor can create a care plan that is right for you.