Active Release Techniques (ART)


This is a therapy that focuses on your muscles and tissues. It combines chiropractic and massage methods. It can help relieve soreness and stiffness throughout your body. It can manage your chronic pain.

ART Session

Before your ART session, your therapist will talk to you about any pain or sensitivity you may be having. You discuss any specific parts of your body that you want the therapist to focus on. Then, you are positioned comfortably on a padded table. Your therapist examines the texture and tightness of your muscles and soft tissues. Your therapist guides you through specific motions that stretch your muscles and stimulate your injured tissues. ART can help break down scar tissue in your soft tissues. It can help restore function to your muscles and joints.

Safe Care

ART is a safe and effective way to care for many types of pain. You may benefit from a continuing care plan.