Allergy Shots


These injections help with your allergy symptoms. They slowly help your immune system build up a tolerance to one or more allergens (those are the things you're allergic to). The goal is to help your body get used to these allergens so they won't trigger a severe allergic response.

How do they work?

How do allergy shots work? Well, you get these shots weekly or monthly, often over a period of two to three years. Each shot contains a tiny amount of one or more of the allergens that affect you. The amount in each shot is so small it won't cause a severe reaction. But it does trigger an immune system response. As your body learns to tolerate the shots, we slowly increase the amount of allergens. Over time, your symptoms may ease or go away. You may need ongoing shots to control your symptoms.

Are they safe?

Are allergy shots safe? Yes, they are safely used to treat many types of allergies. And after each shot, you're watched closely for a period of time to make sure you don't have a bad reaction.


Talk to your doctor to find out if allergy shots are right for you.