Ambulance, Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

When your child has a serious medical issue, you need to think fast. Do you need an ambulance? Should you rush your child to the ER? Or would an urgent care clinic be best? Let's learn about your options.


For life-threatening emergencies, get help now. Call an emergency number so they can send an ambulance or other support. Call for choking, serious head or neck injuries and severe burns. Has your child stopped breathing? Are they having a severe seizure? Do they have bleeding that you can't stop? Have they been poisoned? Call for help.

Emergency room

If the problem isn't life-threatening, you have a bit more time. Take your child to a hospital emergency room. Go for things like high fever, fast heartbeat and vomiting and diarrhea that doesn't stop. Go for allergic reactions, deep wounds, bleeding, burns and broken bones. If you're unsure what to do, call an emergency number and get advice.

Urgent care

For other serious problems that can't wait for a doctor visit, an urgent care clinic is the best option. These clinics treat things like colds, flu, earaches and sore throats. They can treat low-grade fevers and rashes. They also deal with injuries like sprains, bruises, minor cuts and burns, minor eye injuries and some broken bones. For more information, call your local urgent care clinic.