Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring


This is a way to learn more about your heart. With this type of monitoring, you'll wear a device that records your heart's activity for a period of time as you do different things. Your doctor uses this data to see if there's a problem with your heart.

The device

What's the monitoring device like? There are a few types, and they do different types of monitoring. Most have electrodes that attach to the skin of your chest with sticky pads. Wires go from the electrodes to a small electronic device that stores the data. Commonly, this device is worn on a belt or on a strap.

How to use it

How do you use it? You may wear the device during normal daily activities. You may even wear it during sleep. Your doctor will tell you when to wear it, how long to wear it, and how to take care of it. Some monitors always record your heart. Others need to be turned on before you start certain activities. Your doctor may ask you to keep a detailed journal of the activities you do each day. This will help your doctor interpret the data.


When the monitoring is done, you'll return the device. Your doctor will study the results and create a care plan that's right for you.