Amniotic and Placental Graft Tissue for Surgery and Wound Care


When you have surgery, or when you have a skin wound, your doctor may choose to use an amniotic tissue graft product to help you heal. This graft may be in the form of a thin sheet of tissue. It may also be an injectable liquid that contains special cells and substances that aid in tissue repair and help your body rebuild itself.

Types of Graft Products

Some graft products are created from tissues associated with pregnancy. These are created from tissues that are harvested after the birth of a healthy baby. Graft can be made from the placenta or from the umbilical cord. These are structures that develop in the uterus along with the baby. Graft can also be made from the tissues of the amniotic membrane. This is the fluid-filled sac that surrounds a baby in the womb.

How They Work

When this type of graft is introduced into your body or onto your skin, it surrounds and protects your damaged tissue. It can provide a scaffold that your body can use as it creates repair cells. It may also contain natural substances and growth factors that stimulate and aid the healing process.

Unique Properties

Graft products derived from amniotic tissues have very unique properties. The immune systems of most people do not recognize these tissues as foreign. They do not provoke an immune system response. These versatile products can work for people with all blood types and with all genetic backgrounds. They are associated with reduced inflammation and scarring. They are also known to prevent the formation of adhesions in the body after surgery.


Amniotic-derived graft products are an advancement in medicine. They can help speed your path to recovery.