Are You in an Unhealthy Romantic Relationship?


When you partner with someone, your lives become intertwined. You may share children and finances. You may share friends and business arrangements. And because relationships are so complicated, you can be in a bad relationship and not even know it. Here are some clues that your relationship is not a healthy one.

Do you feel good?

First, know that you and your partner should make each other happy. You should feel good about yourselves and each other. You should feel safe, and you should trust each other. If you don't feel valued, or if your partner makes you feel sad or afraid, this isn't normal. Something is wrong.


Next, know that in every relationship there will be times that the two of you don't agree. That's OK. If your relationship is healthy, you can overcome conflict and move forward. But if you and your partner can't make decisions together – if you argue and hurt each other – this is a sign that your relationship is not healthy.


And finally, know the signs of danger. Are you being abused? Abuse is when your partner hurts you or tries to control you. They may neglect you or belittle you in front of others. They may keep you from seeing or speaking to friends or family members. And, they may threaten you or become violent. If this is happening to you, get help. Get away from your partner and get to safety. Do not ignore abuse, because your life may be in danger.